About Me

Carmen Heber-HallHI, I AM CARMEN

I think of myself more as a freedom worker more than a therapist. My aim is to help people become free of their limiting beliefs by holding their real divine nature as true and relinquishing their fear and doubt as false.

My favourite sound is my daughter’s laugh. My favourite book is “A Course in Miracles.” My favourite teacher is Eckhart Tolle. My favourite experimentalist is Richard Bandler. My favourite hypnotist is Paul McKenna.  My favourite dance is Tango. My favourite place in the world is a Mediterranean fishing port in southern France called Cassis. My favourite singer is Frank Sinatra. My favourite actor is Jack Nicholson. My favourite actress is Meryl Streep. My favourite desert is waffles. My favourite flowers are tulips. My favourite shoes are clogs.

My favourite activity is unravelling the spark of love inside your story.


I believe in a New Earth. I believe that we are all broken pieces of a divine puzzle which if put together reveals God’s true face. We meet countless of other us every day: we are relentless hunters for divine miracles, tiny exchanges of love which overcome the laws of time and space. We find our rightful place through miracles, through giving and giving and the more we give the more fulfilled we become, the deeper we sink into our divine presence.

Looking at the holistic triad, the mind is the only part which withstands expansion and illumination. The body is too dense, and the spirit belongs to the realm of the divine and therefore is already enlightened. The mind is the only part that withstands a split – we even say sometimes “I am in two minds about this”.


The first time I stumbled across this was during my university years. I learned so much about the body and the spirit but so very little about the mind; after over 400hrs of practice in the University Polyclinic I’ve noticed that very few people would actually heal. Most of them would come back time and time again, so I started digging through various complementary and mainstream medicine research to find out actually initiates change. What works?

What I found out was that in 95% of the cases healing occurred as an effect of a mind change. My dissertation project was, in fact, a proposal for a new healing model for complementary and alternative therapies which would involve the workings of the mind, which stirred a lot of controversies. In fact, starting the following year, the university has introduced counselling as a core subject of the curricula.

Not long after graduation, I met the man of my dreams and very soon I became pregnant. The excitement of the new baby ended up tragically in a lot of tears when at week 33 of intrauterine life, her heart stopped beating. The grievance after the stillbirth was overwhelming. I ended up spending so much time in the cemetery, that not one leaf would touch her little grave. In fact, it was this pain that pushed me into starting my masters of theocentric psychology – which gave me the faith and the strength I needed to go through the next pregnancy with very little stress.

After the birth of my beautiful baby girl, the marital relationship changed dramatically. A heart-wrenching divorce made me move away from London to start a new home in Ely. I continued with my research and my studies looking for that key, the magic switch that would trigger inner change.

Paul McKenna & Carmen Heber-HallA friend of mine invited me to join her to the “Get the life that you want” workshop with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler. And then suddenly the penny dropped. It was enough to just watch the most amazing two hypnotists and NLP masterminders in the world at work to know they’ve got it. They had unlocked the secret to initiating change. I a week later I began training with both of them and an astonishing team of supporting trainers.

A couple of months later, I quit the chartered accountancy firm I worked for and opened my own NLP practice. Hand on heart: it was the best thing I’ve ever done.