NLP & Hypnotherapy Ely PregnancyPrenatal NAUSEA, back pain & anxiety?

NLP and hypnotherapy have proven results to decrease anxiety, nausea and various other issues that can show up during the journey from bump to baby

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NLP and hypnotherapy can make a massive difference when it comes to fertility. In only a few sessions the mind will be impacted to influence that great network of intelligence that runs your body to implement change

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NLP Hypnotherapy ElyGoing back to work separation anxiety?

It’s nothing harder than letting go of that tiny little hand, holding your finger so tightly or seeing those big teary eyes, so why not using NLP  to elicit confidence and excitement at starting  nursery

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NLP Hypnotherapy ElyWorried about moving to a new school?

NLP can help your child not only to be eager to start preschool but also settle in easily, make new friends, deal with bullying and loving the new school.

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Holiday Home ExchangeHolidaying with kids: an impossibly dear affair

The moment the last school bell rings the holiday prices take off, making it harder and harder for the parents to afford quality holidaying with their kids. Find out more about this incredible hack!

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NLP Hypnotherapy ElyOverwhelmed by exam nerves & anxiety?

One session of hypnotherapy is usually enough to tame the exam anxiety, but when coupled with the tried and tested NLP techniques, the exams become so easy it’ll feel like cheating!

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Neuro Linguistic Programming is not only the art but also the science of modelling excellence. Firstly we look at how the people who are at the top of their game achieve their results. Secondly we bring into consideration how we do those things that we master.

Furthermore we de-code those habits of successful thinking and feeling (neuro) and communicating (linguistic) and finally we successfully re-code (programming) them in direct application to our needs. And thus we achieve better results. Because we retain what works for us and we discard what doesn’t, we expand our goals. Finally we acknowledge that worrying is a very dangerous use of our imagination.

Because we are the vigilant masters of our minds, we developed the habit of thinking on purpose.

Our Mindful Approach to NLP & hypnotherapy

We are voracious learners and furthermore we are fearless hunters of our wildest, most audacious dreams and desires. But most of all, we understand that our wild minds can easily become rapaciously entrapped into random remembering  the action that most of the people confuse with thinking.

Since we can choose to pause and to centre, we focus on creating. Because we center around our breathing and our moving, we loveand live in the present awareness of our whole beings. We engage much less in the addictive futile overuse of our minds. We therefore are the conscious representation of 3 hundred billion years of physical evolution. Even more we are the product of 3 billion years of organic evolution on the planet with all the water.

We are human.

she changed our lives

My oldest son suffered from severe panic attacks and irrational fear.  After 4 years of sleepless nights, countless trips to specialists, counsellours and healers on a continuous basis we came across HereIn Now. We started Mindful NLP therapy and turned our life at 180 degrees in a matter of weeks. I literally could not recommend Carmen enough. She changed our lives.

Mrs J Woods

A Major Success

I did 21 hours of flying with no fear or anxiety before or during the flights. My husband said he usually can feel my nervousness but not this time! A major success. Thank you so much.

Mrs C Rowe

That day I got my life back.

“After 2 years of incessant pain, regular GP appointments, chiropractor appointments, MRI scans that revealed absolutely nothing, I’ve nearly given up. At the age of 28, I became physically incapacitated by an undiagnosed chronic lower back pain. I had to stop working. There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed. I’ve been prescribed an increasing dose of codeine regularly, only to just take the edge off of the pain so I could barely manage standing up and walking.

And of course to say I was sceptical at the prospect of NLP therapy is a huge understatement, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I was at my wits’ end. I had nothing to lose. Carmen seemed nice. We discussed my medical history and much to my surprise she appeared somehow reassured by the fact that the medical profession couldn’t find a medical reason behind it.

When the session finished, I gently came off the couch. Much to my surprise, the pain was gone. Like gone-gone! When my vape pen dropped on the floor, I actually bent down to pick it up and NOTHING! No pain what-so-ever. Tears of joy flooded my eyes when I left. All I could feel was a faint numbness.

That day I stopped taking painkillers and joined the gym. That day I got my life back.”

Miss G Syrek